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our philosophy

We truly believe that our Little Ones should be free to be adventurous, and inquisitive - and walking and running in handmade shoes is a huge part of what makes that possible! We wanted to create an authentic brand of shoes for children based on passion, health and love! We've asked ourselves: What if a children's luxury brand could be all of the following: FUNCTIONAL, BEAUTIFUL, and the epitome of CRAFTSMANSHIP all at the same time? What if a children's luxury brand could look every bit the part AND be good for the wellbeing of the Little Wearer too? Our aim is to be the first and the best in meeting the needs of a conscious customer who understands the importance of not only beautiful but  HEALTHY SHOES for their children.


MONILO designs and crafts children's shoes with an intuitive understanding and flair for perennial style. However, while most companies would stop there, we've spent years developing and improving the morphology of our shoes - so that the Little Wearers can not only look wonderful but feel wonderful too! Good shoes will help with the correct formation of joints and spine. Very often those first steps determine the way children would walk for the rest of their lives, and as parents we want the best for our children. By purchasing a MONILO product, you can rest assured that your child's feet will be free to grow how they were meant to grow and that for them and you, there'll be a DELIGHT IN EVERY STEP! This is what MONILO stands for. We're a story of love, of family, of growth and precious memories. We represent a NEW LUXURY ERA; one built on nostalgia, of touching moments in life as well as an appreciation for craftsmanship and values. Our story has evolved from a love of our own children, and formed out to an authentic consideration of the future and the legacy we leave behind for them.

Monika Krauze-Bouziane


Monika Krauze-Bouziane, MONILO's Founder and Creative Director, used to pursue a professional tennis career for many years. These young years created a determination for hard work, but also has taught to appreciate  health and well-being while struggling with injuries. She then became a lawyer... only to find out this would be only a great foundation but isn't enough to engage all her talents so strongly influenced by art, interior design and fashion. Monika's list of passions grew as life conjured its various puzzles, wonders, and challenges. Ultimately, it was to be these aesthetic disciplines which inspired her current career.  MONILO's seed had really already been planted with the fusion elements - but it was only following the birth of her son that the idea took shape. Art, fashion, aesthetics, design... health, well-being - and of course child development! It was with a great deal of research and careful planning - not to mention a global search for the right partners - that led Monika here, to MONILO, where these once separate entities became one.

colourful children shoes


MONILO is a young brand with very high aspirations. We are confident that the products that we offer satisfy the highest existing standards - there is no doubt about that. If your brand shares our philosophy of responsible luxury, we will be happy to discuss possible cooperation. We will be looking forward to hearing from you at: info@monilo.com

We've spent years developing and improving the morphology of our shoes - so that the little wearers can not only look wonderful but feel wonderful too.

Monilo Ltd, 16 Stellman Close, E5 8QN, London. Monilo Ltd Sp.k, Podjazd 1/2, 81-805 Sopot, Poland

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