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About Us

Welcome to the World of Monilo: the place where our stories are made. You’ll find things by us, by you, and by those that inspire us to do what we do.

Monika krauze -bouziane

Owner & Creative Director


Our company was founded to be one that offers designer hand made luxury shoes for children and babies.

The trigger to launch our business was that as founder and a full-time mother, one who has repeatedly struggled to find nice looking and well structured shoes for her little one, got this idea to simply fill-in this gap of niche luxury shoes for children. There are designer clothes for children but the shoe market leaves a conscious customer rather unsatisfied.

We use the highest quality materials in our shoes and pay much attention that the production standard meets the uppermost possible excellence.  The next special thing in our products is that all of our shoes – from the way they are carefully designed to the way they are constructed focus on a child’s healthy foot development. So our shoes are not only meant to be beautiful and unique in their design but also comfortable and healthy for the little ones who are going to be wearing them.


We have no secrets from you, see how we manufacture our shoes.
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