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Conception process of a pair of shoes

“The shoe is built like a puzzle piece by piece, manually, but also with cutting machines, sewing machines and we also use more sophisticated tools such as a 3D printer to shape our products”

It usually takes us four months to come up with the whole collection. We start with concepts and models and we also find inspiration in the research of materials we later choose.

We always find inspiration from previous trends and timeless design. It’s about keeping a balance in   everything we do to combine everything we’ve done in the past and everything we do for the future.

We use the highest quality materials for our shoes and pay great attention to the production process in order to achieve the uppermost possible excellence at every stage. We use 1st grade leather (top grain) together with palladium and rose gold hardware.

The next special thing in our products is that all of our shoes – from the way they are designed to the way they are constructed focus on a child’s healthy foot development. So our shoes are not only meant to be beautiful and unique in their design but also comfortable and healthy for the little ones who are going to be wearing them.

COMPONENTS of our little MONILO masterpieces:

In the pursuit of excellence, we have travelled to the best tanneries in Italy and France. We have ended our journey in southern France, where we have discovered one of the oldest most traditional tannery in Europe, producing the finest calfskin, incomparable with anything we’ve seen before. Since then, we have built a family like relationship with the tannery’s team, working alongside them ensuring that only the finest skins are selected. All MONILO’s leather is carefully sorted and tested during several rigorous controls in a laboratory and developed with the utmost care.

All of our shoes are complimented by the use Monilo’s signature precious metals hardware. Rose gold for girls, palladium

for boys. This very unique element of Monilo’s shoe design is one of the most recognized features of our luxurious little creations.

As mentioned above our Italian manufacturer, specializes in making shoes for babies who are starting to walk, as well as young and older children.

What is really important to us and what we are proud of is that our manufacturer’s every shoe is crafted by hand. Cutting, folding and binding, attaching the sole process together with the quality control are the four phases of workmanship that, in the able hands of specialised craftspeople, allow a simple idea to become an unique product.

We have always taken our time in designing in order to develop products that follow the precise rules of podiatric and orthopedic medicine.

All of our in-house designs will be first consulted with our experts in order to ensure that our end product will not only be unique looking in terms of fashion but most of all that it supports the healthy development

of the foot of our little ones. Children’s healthy foot development is our main priority.

How we started

We start with a shoe sole model made from resin, then we focus on the rubber or leather sole. The shoe is built like a puzzle piece by piece, manually, but also with cutting machines, sewing machines and we also use more sophisticated tools such as a 3D printer to shape our products. We’re very careful when it comes to the fabric and the inside of the shoe so it can last longer, be healthy and comfortable. Our different types of leather all come from Ital. We need a couple hours to build a prototype and then once approved we give a green light to the manufactory to proceed with the production.

The top part of the shoe (the upper) is imposed onto the mould in a manner to hold it perfectly to it – in order to obtain the seamless desired shape. Further, the upper (still in the mould) – is processed on a device called premonta – this mechanism pulls the skin and gives it a form for further processing. The same procedure, but using a device called calzierą models the bottom part of the shoe (the insole).

At this time the stencil is ready for being assembled to the sole. The sole after different manual treatments is ready to be glued or sewed onto the upper part of the shoe.

The final stage is the stage of Quality Control. Each individual shoe is carefully controlled in order to maintain quality standards of Monilo.

When standards are preserved and once everything is perfect- our product is then carefully handed over for packing.

We are renowned for our shoes designed for babies’ first steps and for our timeless aesthetic.  They are robust and leather and rubber soles are of the best quality.

MONILO children

Our children are quite clever, a mix between tradition and modernity. They can be very classical but crazy at times. They’re naughty and cute and the same time. We are creating delightful luxury for little leaders.

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