We traveled all over the world in search for the best quality leather for our shoes - but ultimately, our journey ended in Italy, where we discovered, thanks to the experience and advice of our craftsman, a fantastic tannery that brings us the finest calfskin we'd ever seen - incomparable to this day - and since then, we've become like family with the team there. With their quality assurance, expertise, and guidance, and our benchmark for excellence, all MONILO’s leather is carefully sorted and tested during several rigorous controls, and developed with the utmost care. Our leather is smooth, natural and of the best sort. For the lining we use only natural, uncoloured goat skin, as this type of leather reduces the perspiration.


Natural Top Grade MONILO Leather
Palladium Hardware


A truly precious feature of a MONILO shoe is its hardware. It's almost as if we put jewellery on our shoes. Whenever you notice our signature MONILO bells, or the flash of buckles, rings or eyelets, know that they're made from remarkable, magical materials. Each shoe is finished with delicate rose gold for girls or striking palladium for boys. After you're done wearing your precious shoes, those lovely bells can be used on a chain or bracelet and have it's own beautiful afterlife as your child grows up.


A shoe can only live up to our philosophy if it is made with expert care and precision.

Child's feet are incredibly sensitive. Truthfully, until they're ready to walk, you really shouldn't encourage a little one to wear shoes at all. But when they are finally ready to take that first step, it's important to ensure they've got room to grow comfortably and with the right support. As such, every Monilo shoe is crafted based on the structure of children's feet: from the way they are carefully thought-out and designed with love to the way they are constructed- we always keep in mind the anatomy of the foot of a child and make sure all the important elements are in check- keeping the right distance and having enough space between the toes or having the right ankle support for the very little ones who are about to take their first steps in our shoes. All of this aims to contribute to healthy and natural development. It's with these sentiments in mind that we begin the craft process.

Healthy Foot Development
MONILO Colour Palette

Fairytale palette

We know that an imagination is full of bright, lucid colour - but so often, a child's clothing is confined to pastel blue or pink. At MONILO, we're passionate about colours that tell stories, and which speak volumes about children as little individuals. That's why every one of our colours is bold, different, and delightfully striking from the moment you see them.

Fashion is seasonal, but style is timeless

As fashions come and go, style remains engaging, discerning, and relevant. As such, every MONILO shoe is based on a sense of perennial style, not fashion. That said, each year, as leather colours and textures come and go in and out of season, we vary our selection.

Beau Wood MONILO Candy Red Neverland

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